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If I’m going to start a blog, I guess I need to do a little backstory, huh?

I’ve always had a love for photography, but it was more of a passing interest than something I actually wanted to pursue. When I was younger I would stare in awe at photographers out on the street. With all there expensive gear and bags, staring through their viewfinder, with expert like poise. I daydreamed about being like them. But that’s all it was, just a dream. I loved looking through National Geographic and other magazines. I loved the amazing pictures on all the glossy pages. Seeing all the places these people went to capture such beautiful pictures. But as time passed and I got older, the wonder and awe faded and I forgot about photography. Until October of last year…


For some reason, and I’m still not quite sure what that reason is, my love for photography came crashing back. And with such a passion and I had to purchase my own camera. Finally. And from that moment on, me and my camera have become inseparable. She’s like a extra appendage to me. And we have been on some great adventures. They’ve definitely been small adventure, but they’ve been memorable nonetheless. I hope to one day be able to see this big beautiful world, and everything it has to offer. And you know my camera will be right on my shoulder ready for the ride. But for now I’m just a memory collector stuck in a small town, capturing what she can…



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